“Imagine if the Church Worked Together Like a Team”

The Jethro Ministry Training and Networking Community Helps Your Group, Team, or Congregation Work Together so Everybody is Prayed For and Cared About.
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Are You Having Trouble Getting Your Group, Team or Congregation to Work Together to Their Full Potential?
Exhaustion and burnout are nothing new. It is not uncommon to hear of someone simply throwing in the towel and walking away from what looked like a good situation. Why does this happen? The answer to this question can be found in the advice that Jethro gave to Moses. Regardless of our role and responsibility as a leader, team member, and church member, the Creator never intended for any person to carry the load of life, work, or responsibilities by him or herself. Jethro knew this.

One of the most interesting bits of advice that Jethro gave to Moses was when he told Moses, “if you continue to do this you will surely wear yourself and these people out” (Exodus 18:18).

Just look at these shocking statistics…


Believe pastoral ministry has affected their families negatively


Being in ministry is an OUTRIGHT HAZARD to their families


Significant stress-related crisis at least once in ministry

What if instead of falling into the trap of “solo-ministry,” we worked together as a team to…
Seek Out The Talents Of Others
A major call of any good leader is to seek out the talents of those they are leading. This search for talent was the advice of Jethro to Moses.
Put Other People To Work
When we seek out the skills of other people, it will not always be easy. It will call us to take the time to find those who have untapped abilities and put them to work.
Pace Ourselves As Leaders
It will encourage us to pace ourselves as leaders and not become frustrated when it takes a little more time to find help.
Here is the key principle of The Jethro Ministry:
You Cannot Do It By Yourself!
I have come to believe that any congregation can experience a resurgence of new life if they are willing to work together as a team. Teamwork, led by the Lord, is the key! Church members along with the pastor must have an overpowering desire to see their church become an organization empowered by God. This type of desire is what Jethro led Moses to embrace.

And that’s why I created The Jethro Ministry that focuses on the advice of Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, the priest of Median, to help you create a strong teamwork effort. This advice of Jethro can be used in your church, volunteer group, charity organization and even your business.

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Component #1:
The Jethro Ministry Training Course
What This Is About
The Jethro Ministry Training Course is an online, 8-session, video-based training library for pastors, deacons, and lay leaders that teaches you how to get away from the trap that is “solo ministry” and instead work together to build a strong teamwork effort, so everybody in the congregation is prayed for and cared about.
Just Look At What You’ll Learn
Session 1: My Journey – How The Jethro Ministry Began
For some churches there simply is not a plan or strategy in working together. As I have witnessed this taking place over the past two decades, I came across Exodus 18 and this scripture opened my heart to the plan of a very wise and godly man in creating an environment of teamwork for the people of God.
Session 2: Why Are We Doing What We Are Doing?
In some congregations the finances, the mission work, the ministry, and the personnel resources are deployed in the same way that they have been for years. A system and format of ministry can develop and become the law of the land. No one takes the time to ask, “What are you doing?” or “Why are you doing it?” These are the questions that Jethro asked of Moses.
Session 3: A Biblical Foundation for Teamwork – The Battle of Amalek
The battle of Amalek gives a clear example of how the power of praying people affects the outcome of an event or struggle. A leader could benefit in receiving assistance, especially in the most crucial areas of ministry. The man of God will be glad to have assistance, and a truly spiritual leader will not resist the aide of others.
Session 4: The Strategic Plan of Jesus
The life and ministerial development of Jesus and His disciples record the greatest example of a team ministry approach. It was clear from the beginning that Jesus had no intention of trying to do ministry alone. The strategy that Jesus used was one of training and deploying those he had trained to go into the world (Luke 9:1-6).
Session 5: What Does a Good Team Look Like – Paul’s Teaching about the Body of Christ
The development of personal and supportive teams makes it possible for any congregation to expand its ministry throughout its fellowship into the world. Establishing a healthy teamwork environment based upon the Bible will grow a strong fellowship.
Session 6: 8 Attributes of a Strong Team
The goal is for every team member to use those abilities and gifts that God has given them in their individual uniqueness. The process that creates a healthy and successful team grows upon the leader’s desire to see such a creation take place.
Session 7: 8 Basic Principles of The Jethro Ministry—The S.T.R.A.T.E.G.Y.
The Jethro Ministry is designed to bring the pastoral ministry, deacon ministry and lay ministry of the congregation together. The goal is that the pastor and deacons view themselves as a cooperative group. The development of a team ministry is an attempt to become more biblical in doing ministry.
Session 8: How Do We Build on the Principles of The Jethro Ministry
Even though Jesus was the Son of God and had the ability to heal, turn water into wine, and raise a man from the dead, he showed by his example how important it is to train, encourage and empower people on a small scale.
The Jethro Ministry training course is different because it requires you to recruit and participate with other team members in order to complete the training.
You Cannot Proceed Unless You Work Together With Others!
Learn Anywhere, Any Time, and on Any Device
Access the training from anywhere in the world (at home or even while you’re on vacation), any time (learn at your convenience), and on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone).
Learn At Your Own Pace
Replay the video and audio lessons an unlimited number of times so you can retain and apply what you learn (unlike an “in-person” workshop or seminar that overloads you with too much content you easily forget).
Component #2:
Networking Community
When you join now, you get access to a private community of church leaders who are using the biblical strategies of The Jethro Ministry to build up their congregations to work together like a team. But the only way to gain access to this “networking community,” is by becoming a member.
You Get 24/7 Access To Our Private Community
In the community, we help you (answer questions, give advice), encourage you (share success stories, positive reminders), and hold you accountable (speak the truth) because we want to partner with you and your congregation to build a strong teamwork effort.
You’re Never Alone With A Network Of Supporters
As you build your team in the church, you have access to people in the networking community who have already done what you’re doing and will support you along the way!
Component #3:
Biweekly “Group Coaching” With Dr. Dale Roach
As a member of The Jethro Ministry, you get to participate in group coaching with Dale Roach through live streaming video (so you can interact “face-to-face” with the founder of The Jethro Ministry — even if you’re in another country)! Coaching sessions are twice per month (biweekly), so you can get personal attention from Dale whether you’re on the go or right in front of your computer.
Get Help, Encouragement, And Accountability From Dr. Dale
Ask questions and get answers immediately from Dale (or just hang out and listen to the sessions). Send in your questions beforehand if you can’t make it to the live group coaching session, and Dale will answer it live for you to listen to later.
Watch The Replay If You Can’t Attend The Coaching Session Live
Every live coaching session with Dale is recorded and available to watch (or listen to) anytime in your member’s dashboard.
FREE “Limited-Time” Bonuses
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BONUS #1: Four Copies of The Jethro Ministry Ebook ($15.96 Value)
This 154-page ebook focuses on the advice of Moses’ father-in-law, Jethro, the priest of Median, to help you create a strong teamwork effort. As part of this “special offer,” you get to download four copies of the ebook — one for each member of your team — for FREE.
BONUS #2: The Jethro Ministry Workbook Ebook ($9.95 Value)
This 45-page “practical resource” helps you apply what you learn in the video lessons and ebook. The study questions stimulate edifying discussions with your teammates so you think more deeply on biblical teamwork. And the workbook, as a whole, helps you grow together into a healthy team. You get it for a “limited time” for FREE!
What Leaders Are Saying…
About The Jethro Ministry
“The theme and the mission of The Jethro Ministry—it’s a united ministry effort between pastoral staff, deacons, and laity to ensure that every person in your church congregation is contacted personally and prayed for on a regular basis.”
—A.D. Owen
“Renews Our Enthusiasm!”
“It’s been amazing to me how people have responded to The Jethro Ministry. How people are coming together and working together and getting closer, getting to know each other. Building relationships is so important in a church.”
—Belinda Snow
“Everybody Feels Edified!”
“You have prayer partners and caregivers that work together with the deacons, and they’re all a team now. So, what’s happened is it’s less likely that someone joins and falls through the cracks and you don’t know where they are. They get plugged in immediately. And now they have a team with them…”
—Kevin “Hurricane” Hudson
Prayer Partner
Dr. Dale Roach
Dale’s desire to work in developing strong teamwork began during his high school years when he was introduced to a new high school football coach. The high school team Dale played for had an overwhelming record—a losing record. When introduced to the new coach it was a tremendous turn around for the team and the players. Dale and his teammates were shown how to be a true team. In one year the football team went from losing every game to claiming a winning season. The development of teamwork and team skills have been a great interest for Dale since that senior year in high school. This interest evolved in his years as a businessman and his 30 plus years as a pastor and denominational team leader.

He earned his bachelor’s degree at Gardner Webb University, his master’s degree at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and his doctoral degree at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dale is also the author of The Jethro Ministry: A Biblical Strategy for Strong Teamwork, The Servant-Leadership Style of Jesus: A Biblical Strategy for Leadership Development, and Growing Your Prayer Life: Six Principles to Plant Deeper Roots and Bear Greater Fruit Through a Stronger Connection with God. At present Dale is serving as the Senior Pastor of Poplar Springs Baptist Church in Moore, SC.

Don’t decide now. Try out The Jethro Ministry absolutely risk free for 30 days. If the training course, networking community, and coaching with Dale don’t help your congregation work together like a team, or you aren’t absolutely satisfied for any reason, then just send me an e-mail within 30 days and I’ll promptly refund every cent of your money.

Since there is no risk, why wait? Go ahead and…

We understand The Jethro Ministry isn’t for everyone. Not everyone is serious about teamwork or willing to put biblical truth into practice. That’s why we’re selective with who gets access to the training course, networking community, and coaching. So, if you’re ready for your congregation to work together like a team, we welcome you to join us on this journey…
IMPORTANT: If your congregation is unable to afford a membership, please contact us about scholarship opportunities.